Insure Oklahoma for Employers

Insure Oklahoma Employer Sponsored Insurance (ESI) is an innovative program Oklahoma has created to bridge the gap in health care coverage for low to moderate income working adults.

Under the ESI program, premium costs are shared by the state (60 percent), the employer (25 percent) and the employee (15 percent).

How Does IO Work?

Insure Oklahoma Premium Assistance is a mechanism whereby small businesses, qualified employees, and their qualified spouses can obtain health insurance coverage at a more affordable rate.

Employers choosing to participate in a premium assistance program reap savings on health insurance premiums provided to their qualified workers. As the name implies, assistance in the form of a monetary subsidy is provided to be used towards health insurance premiums. Participation in the Insure Oklahoma program is voluntary for both employers and employees.

There is no minimum number of employees that must qualify to receive subsidy.
  • Insure Oklahoma is designed to assist those employees who meet the income requirements. Not everyone may qualify for this program.
  • Monthly health plan premium contributions are split between the employer, employee and Insure Oklahoma.
    • The business MUST contribute at least 25 percent of the premium for each qualified employee.
    • The qualified employee may contribute no more than 15 percent of the employee premium and no more than 15 percent of any qualified spouse premium. This amount may be reduced depending upon the household income.

Insure Oklahoma currently subsidizes children, whose household income is between 186 percent and 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and the parent (s) qualify. Children whose parents qualify for Insure Oklahoma but whose household income is at or below 185 percent of FPL may qualify for SoonerCare.

Employer Qualifications
  • Have an Oklahoma location.
  • Have no more than 250 total employees as reported by Oklahoma Employment Securities Commission.
  • There is no minimum enrollment for Insure Oklahoma.
  • Examples:
    • An employer may employ 45 employees and only one employee qualifies for Insure Oklahoma. Insure Oklahoma will subsidize premiums for that one employee.
    • An employer may employ 60 employees and 35 qualify for Insure Oklahoma. Insure Oklahoma will subsidize premiums for those 35 employees.
    • Offer a qualified health plan. Only Insure Oklahoma qualified plans will be eligible for the subsidy payments.
    • Provide the Federal Employer Identification Number. If a business is not required to file an OES-3 then payroll records may be accepted.

Do You Currently Provide Group Health Insurance?

If you need assistance choosing a qualified health plan please give us a call. Scout representatives are knowledgable and willing to assist you and your employees with the Insure Oklahoma process is your best tool for a smooth and timely application process.