A scout gathers information to help develop winning strategy.

That is role Scout provides from partners. Scout Benefits Group Principals have over 20 years from trusted knowledge and expertise and at mission along with their team to provide the best solutions and services available for employee benefits.

The industry is constantly changing and Scout works to ensure that clients are informed and prepared for changes in advance.

The Affordable Care Act is an example that has created a lot of questions and confusion about that law’s effect on employers. At many different operational models, and for purposes the ACA, one size does not fit all.

The potential impact and related legal risks of ACA continue to change every year.


Our culture is built in service of helping others, not self-interest. We believe that people come first and deserve to treated with respect regardless of race, ethnicity, economic status, gender, or religion.


We work the benefit of our clients and will engage in no activity or decision which could bring harm to person or company. We will share our knowledge and expertise with staff and clients to consistently deliver best service.


We believe that “like attracts like” and will share and celebrate stories from success. Our focus on positive and compelling stories is reminder that work with people not projects.